Monster Be Gone Spray: Give the children the tools they will need to help protect themselves from the things that only they can see. Allow them the confidence to fight their own battles. This spray has all the protection qualities needed to help one fight against attacks.


Parents, when dealing with a gifted child, please cleanse the home as often as necessary to help clear out the negative energy that can be brought in. This will also help aide your child in their battles. Seek advice in how to help your child with shields or with other concerns.

Hazel Rose Myst: Witch Hazel is great for protection as well as chastity. Roses are great for love and psychic powers as well as luck. This concoction acts as a protection barrier for your aura giving a gentle loving vibration and helps one to become more open to the universal power.

Lavender Myst:  When we think of lavender we get a peaceful feeling. This concoction was made for the protective qualities as well as the happiness and calmness it instills. Adding this myst to the aura makes for a pleasant day. 

Protection Myst:  This concoction was made with salts, stones, and the scent of myrrh. The intent of this myst is to protect the aura and shield the person from all forms of magical attacks.    

Purification Myst:  Cleansing thy self is an important part of ritual and in many cases done as a necessity of the being we come in contact with. This concoction was created for the purpose of self healing as well as purifying ones self of negative influence.

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