Dragonís Blood

Note: No Dragons were hurt or injured in the writing of this article!

This very powerful Magical herb is actually a re resin that comes from a type of palm tree grown in the marshy areas of South East Asia and Java The resin seeps† out from between the fruit and is collected cleaned and melted.†

Adding Dragonís Blood to any incense blend with will give it an extra boost of power as well as jump starting and magnifying† the power of any ritual† in which it is used.

Magical spells and written enchantments are most efficacious when written with Dragonís Blood ink.†

Sacred documents, oaths and vows† are more binding† and protective when they are sealed with the Dragonís Blood or a sealing wax mixed with the resin.

Dragonís Blood is also an Herb of Consecration and can be used to consecrate and tool for magic, ritual or divination. Because of itís deep red color and strength, it is especially† good to† use to consecrate magical rubies and it is a good idea to store a† small ruby with your supply of the this resin.

Dragonís Blood is also used , very carefully and with the utmost sincerity, to summon Dragons and the Hawaiian Fire Goddess Pele. It should also be used in a ritual offerings for the God Shiva as it is especially sacred to Him.†

A stick of Dragonís Blood placed under the bed will cure impotency, (or so Iíve heard).†

To quiet a noisy house, powder some Dragonís Blood, mix it with salt and sugar and place in a bottle. Cover this tightly† and secure it somewhere in your house where it will not be found. Youíll have peace and quiet.†

Dragonís Bloodís Magical gender is Masculine, itís ruling planet is Mars and it Element is, of course Fire.

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