The herb Eyebright gets its Latin name from the ancient Greek Goddess Euphrosyne (gladness). She was a Charis, one of the three daughters of Zeus and Eurynome, collectively known as the Charities, or the Three Graces; goddesses of charm, beauty, nature, creativity and fertility. Euphrosyne was the goddess of Mirth. The plant was given Her name because it is reputed to be good for ailments of the eyes and therefore it brought gladness to the sufferer of such ailments. Its medicinal property of helping with eye ailments and improving eyesight can be use magically to help one Psychically. Cunningham advises one to carry some Eyebright with to increase psychic abilities and to anoint the eyelids regularly with an Eyebright infusion to develop magical clairvoyance. I would also suggest anointing the Third Eye. The power of this ‘psychic’ wash can be enhanced by creating a Fluid Condenser, which is a magical lotion used in rituals of evocation and will improve psychic vision, clairvoyance and clairaudience. A Fluid Condenser, also known as Universal Condensers, works to focus concentration and energy flow through the personal psychic self. To make your own Fluid Condenser, take two measures each of Chamomile and Eyebright and add to a pint of pure water. Bring this mixture to a boil over an open fire. Remove form the fire and steep 15 minutes. After steeping, ignite seven sticks of willow in the open fire, then plunge them, still burning into the infusion. The mixture is then filtered through four layers of purified linen (one for each of the Elements), allowed to cool, then stored in a tightly sealed dark glass bottle. Eyebright can also be used to change one’s attitude to a ‘brighter’ state. During difficult times it will help one to see where the stress one is going through can lead to growth, and how to develop strength from adversity. It will also give one the ability to see the truth of matter no matter how well-hidden or clouded it may be. Eyebright can also be used as a magical tonic if one sets oneself a lengthy, difficult or boring task or discipline. It is truly the “spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down” for it

will make the work pleasant and the time enjoyable. Use Eyebright when working or doing ritual for others because it will help you change your attitude to focus on the real needs of others rather than what you think they need.

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