We live in a desert.

Yes, we have green space and plants and lawns and such, but take away our modern water system and irrigation canals and most of our habitable land will revert to it’s original state, desert, within five years. Water is absolutely necessary to sustain life, second only to Air in the list of our fundamental needs. In our attempt to supply Water to our ever-expanding population, we have seriously encroached upon the natural flow of pure Water from the mountains. This is okay, we have a right to live, as long was recognize our responsibility to, first, use the gift of Water wisely and not to waste it or use it frivolously, and second, to be grateful for it’s presence. In taking water, disturbing the soil and pulling up crops from the earth, people from many cultures see that we must violate and take from nature in order to live, so rituals have been devised that would magically restore what has been lost. The meaning of ‘sacrifice’ in Latin is ‘to make whole or sacred’ Do you do this? In Britain, May 1st or Beltane, is the traditional time to “ Dress the Sacred Well”, ritual that has been revived many times over the centuries to thank the Spirits of Water for their gift and sacrifice, especially during times of mass epidemic. Today it is a Christian festival to honor St Anne, the mother of the Virgin Mary, with the wells being decorated with pictures make of flowers, small stones, mosses and even artificial objects mounted on wooden frames but it’s root go much further back before Christianity. Anciently, sacred wells and rivers were decorated with offerings of flowers and strips of cloth tied to nearby trees. With Beltane being the energetic beginning of summer, a season that definitely reminds us we live in a desert and the need for water, an appropriate ritual would be to acknowledge the Winter and Spring as our bringers of Water to thank the local rivers and wells for making this gift available to us. Reconnect with Water and Nature this season of Beltane by finding ways of conserving water and making appropriate offerings to the Spirits of Water. Go into the mountains, to the rivers that flow through them and make sincere offerings of flowers, libations of wine or blessed water or maybe a coin or two to show your gratitude for this life-giving substance in a desert.

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Dressing the Sacred Wells