by David “the Fairy Godfather” Ball

Magical Herbs

No other tree can compare with the pale beauty of the “Lady of the Woods”, aka the Birch. Easily recognized by it’s white, paper-like bark, the Birch serves a forest guide to communing with the heart Mother Earth. Simply do a sincere ritual in a Birch grove followed by deep meditation and you will gain access to the Goddess. Birch bark makes a very good and powerful magical parchment, but it must be gathered properly of the Lady will become very angry. Since Birch is also sacred to the god Thor, you must wait until He selects a tree by striking it with lightening. Then the bark can be harvested for paper. Be sure to make an appropriate offer to both Thor and the Lady is you are lucky enough to gather this parchment. Birch twigs are used as the bristles of the traditional witch’s broom because they have been used to cleanse and protect against evils spirits. For this reason, a wand of Birch can be used to drive out negative energy and/or evils spirits from a person or animal by gently tapping them with it. Definitely a good wand for an exorcist. In Russia, the Evil Eye can be averted by tying a red ribbon around a Birch stem or hanging a small Birch branch tied with a red ribbon over the entry to a home or business. Birch is a very good wood to use to make a set of Runes for divination. During a waxing moon, enter a Birch grove and look for a suitable tree. Call upon Odin and Byerka to guide and inspire you. Place your hand on the chosen tree and ask Her if She id willing to give of Herself to you. Explain what your will do with the wood. If She accepts, offer Her a small gift, given with sincerity. Cut the branch as cleanly and quickly as possible. Seal the wound on the tree with beeswax to prevent infection. Dry the branch for about a month, then craft the branch into Runes. In the Celtic tree calendar, Beith or Birch comes right after Samhain and therefore, represents the gateway to the Land of the Dead. A Spirit- Board properly made of Birch would be an effective tool for communicating with those who have passed on.


Gender: Feminine

Planet: Venus

Element: Water

Deity: Thor