Ahh… jasmine! I remember when I was in Thailand, we lived near a Buddhist temple with a night-blooming jasmine tree  right near my bedroom window.  The flowers would open and the  heavenly scent would drift in just as I was falling asleep;  the experience was wonderful. Little did I know at the time that jasmine flowers are used to aid in inducing sleep. If  they are burned just before bed-time, they will also induce prophetic dreams.

Having the flowers around you or wearing the jasmine oil as a perfume will stimulate the  creative   and intuitive aspect of the mind, and will bring an influx of original ides, independent from others.


Jasmine oil the best all-purpose oil to use for dressing candles. To do so, start by anointing the candle with the oil in the middle and rub the oil first, up towards the wick until the top portion coated,  then rub from the middle down towards the bottom of the candle.

You may say any prayer that  like. Jasmine flowers can be worn or burned to attract spiritual as opposed to physical love and to draw wealth, especially if carried in a small sachet in  the purse or wallet.

When dedicating and consecrating a quartz crystal for magical work, jasmine should be used as the incense  and when storing dried jasmine flowers, a small piece of quartz should be placed in the bottom of the container.


For a treat, search the Asian markets for Phoenix Jasmine Pearl tea, Or Hin Yao jasmine tea. The first , is green tea infused with the scent of jasmine flowers, then  rolled into small balls, like little green pearls,. The second is simply green tea infused with jasmine. Both will give a magnificently delicious and healthy brew.


Jasmine’s magical gender is feminine,  it’s planet is the Moon and it’s magical element is Water

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