What is Pietersite?

It has been called “The Tempest Stone”, “Eagle’s Eye” and “Storm Stone” said to quell negative emotions, dispelling illusions and offering assistance in the recognition of the beauty of one’s soul…it has been said to offer one the “keys to the kingdom of heaven”.

Pietersite is said to be discovered by Sid Pieters in 1962 while prospecting some farmland in Namibia Africa. Yet still in its young life there has already been some confusion about it.  Some have said that it is not a ‘true stone’ at all simply a mix of blue and gold Tiger’s Eye that the earth folded over time.  It has been said that it is truly quartz with an inclusion of Jasper, and yet others group it with the Feldspar family.  It has also been designated as Chalcedony embedded with fibers of amphibole minerals that have a varying degree of alteration; it is these fibers that cause the chatoyancy similar to that seen in Tiger’s Eye, but not the same base mineral makeup.  This ‘confusion’ may be due to the fact that there are only two known deposits and they vary slightly in composition from one another.

Currently there have only been two known sources of Pietersite deposits; Africa and China.  The forms are similar but are slightly different form each other.  The African Pietersite discovered in 1962 is a variety said to be formed of crocidolite.

The Chinese Pietersite said to be discovered in 1993 (but had not gone to market until 1997) is a fibrous mineral with magnesium rich alkalic amphibole.  Pietersite from China exhibits slightly different color variations from the original mineral, but both are beautiful and are now universally recognized as Pietersite.

Pietersite has been said to craft order out of chaos, but in fact it helps one to see the order in things and to understand that it isn’t actually chaos.  It’s said to dispel one’s illusion of ‘separateness’ in life, removing beliefs and conditioning imposed by others.  It’s said to remove any and all dis-ease caused by not following one’s truth.

Pietersite offers assistance to relax and release limits that have been placed on one’s creativity; allowing one to truly recognize one’s divine potential.  It’s said to aid in extending one’s boundaries of acceptance and tolerance of others in life without allowing one to be taken advantage of.

Pietersite is uplifting and helps to dissolve any confusion or fear one may have about what lies ahead in life. Assisting one to remain open to one’s own experience, allowing one to see the truth and follow the path of one’s own ‘walk of life’; bringing with it a particular joyous calm and peacefulness.

Physically it is often said that Pietersite is used to stimulate and regulate the pituitary and endocrine glands; helping to produce, release and maintain the proper quantity of the necessary hormones to regulate one’s blood pressure, body temperature and metabolism.

It’s said to assist with fatigue and exhaustion when one isn’t able to rest. Reducing overwhelm when one is working with energies of others; reducing and relieving burn out caused by a buildup of energies.




Magical Gemstone Properties                                                                                                                                                                                     

Energy: Projective & Receptive
Element: Air & Storm
Planet: Sun & Mars
Deities: Freyja & Bast
Powers: Spiritual Awakening
Candle Color: Blue

Said to be able to assist in breaking vows or promises made in other lives that have carried over to this one. Used for processing ancient conflicts and suppressed feelings within oneself and allows the release as well.

 It’s said to stimulate the experience of precognitive thoughts and visions during a meditative state, allowing one to travel through all spheres of existence; offering some access to one’s own Akashic records.

Pietersite is a wonderful stone when working with a group that is building a bridge of energies; assisting in clearer communication within the group allowing the ideal flow of energy throughout the group, and understanding of what is being shared.

For those who have tried and failed many times to beat an addiction, Pietersite is an extremely supportive and strengthening stone. It explores causative influences, increases the resolve and lends willpower in following a curative program.


In doing the research for this stone, I have found many opinions about what Pietersite is and what it can do; ultimately, you should be the one to decide how to utilize the energy of this stone. Don’t buy the stone so you can say “I have it”, use it.