By Mark “The Man” Casazza

Stone Magic

   Amethyst is a form of quartz crystal and ranges in color from lavender to deep purple. Mid to dark purple is the most common and is popular in jewelry, clusters crystal wands and tumbled stones.
   Amethyst is a meditation and spirituality stone which can raise low vibrations to a higher rate as is considered to be the most spiritual stone to work with.
 For the beginner, when you start your meditation you might suddenly feel pressure on the third eye and hear a sort of turning mechanism as well as see a purple light. This does mean you  received any sort of message, it simply means you reached a deep meditative state.
   Because Amethyst helps one to go so deeply, it is allows one to transcend everyday reality and understand spiritual matters, whether they are of a personal or universal nature. It is considered a deep soul stone that can aid in past life regression and exploring the origin of the soul.
   Amethyst helps connect the intellectual and spiritual bodies, and balance all the levels including the emotional and physical. Through this balance, you are able to see past the mundane and deal with people and situations on a spiritual level. It can also aid in the balancing of the chakras.
   Amethyst promotes an deep, peaceful state which is one reason it is so good for meditation. But sense of calm and peace can also be utilized for bringing tranquility into the home, office or a relationship.
   Place a cluster of Amethyst in the entry way to your home or other rooms where you feel will benefit from de-stressing. You can also place small tumbled stones in corners to create a peace grid in a room, or bury stones in the corners of your property.
   Because of it’s calm inducing quality and the fact that it is purple, Amethyst is used to treat stress, anxiety and depression.
   It is excellent for headaches including migraines, and is used by place a stone on the third eye or by taking it as a gem elixir. It will also work for toothache. The elixir can also be used to integrate any of Amethyst’s other properties into you physical and subtle energy bodies.
   Amethyst is also used to treat insomnia, arthritis and addictions. A popular combination is that of Amethyst and Rose Quartz. The two compliment each other beautifully in healing issues of the head and heart, both physically and mentally.
   This wonderful purple crystal was said to have been worn as an amulet during ancient and medieval times to aid against drunkenness.
   As an amulet, Amethyst can be worn as protection against jealousy, envy and deception.
   It can also purify the blood and support the immune system.
   Amethyst promotes serenity and feelings of peace. It holds the intentions to heal the physical body as well as the spiritual body. Since it has a soothing, relaxing effect, Amethyst may be used to calm an overactive mind and bring peace to those who overwork themselves.
   Those who are psychically sensitive can use Amethyst to improve their second sight. Storing a deck of Tarot Cards or other divination tools with an Amethyst will help to keep them strong and charged.
The element of Amethyst is Water and it attracts justice and protects against thieves as well as ward off danger and violent death.