Mojo Bags, also known as Mojo Hands and Gris Gris (pronounced gree-gree) Bags are the standard type of spell working in the Hoodoo magical system. Hoodoo is a truly American magical system created by the combination of African slave religion and Dutch/Pennsylvanian Pow Wow magic and is the basis of modern Wiccan and Neo-pagan spell-work. The word mojo originally meant spell or charm, as does the Bantu word gris gris, but nowadays can also mean ‘sex appeal’ as in being able to ‘charm’ or ’draw’ the opposite sex. Basically a Mojo Bag is a “contained, portable spell” consisting of a small red flannel bag filled with ‘curios’, activated, blessed and feed with specially prepared magical oils, then carried with the host as a charm to ward off negative influences, offer protection and healing, or a talisman to draw love, good luck and anything else one may desire. The ‘curios’ used are plant leaves, roots or bark, minerals and in some cases animal parts, that have the specific magical properties to draw what one want. In other words we ‘work their mojo’ to our advantage. In addition to herbs, roots, and minerals, some of the more common spiritual ingredients found in mojo hands include name-papers, written petitions or prayers, magical seals, talismans or charms, personal concerns such as hair or fingernail clippings, lucky coins, and lucky dice. It is a common practice to include an odd number of items in the bag, but this is not a hardand- fast rule. For anyone wanting to be a truly effective and sincere herbal healer, one of the first things he or she must do is prepare a Mojo Bag of four healing roots, properly gathered by them showing sincerity, respect and gratitude, and then carried as a symbol of their craft and a connection the spiritual aspect of herbs as well as their physical healing properties. If you wish to learn how to make, empower and maintain your own Mojo Bags from scratch, Jeweled Maidens is offering classes on Mojo Bags, as wells Poppets,. The tuition is only $5.00 per person and includes full instruction. Check the calendar for updates.

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