Mystic Merlinite

By Mark “The Man” Casazza

Stone Magic

Mystic Merlinite is a stone of duality; black and white, dark and light. It is a stone that attracts powerful magic and good luck into your life… and it can also take you into the deeper, darker aspects of yourself. Mystic Merlinite promotes our levels of contact with Spirit and aids in our spiritual growth. It is a stone of magic, reminding us of wizards, such as the wizard Merlin from Arthurian legend, and alchemist. It’s black and white coloration blends heaven and earth vibration together, allowing us access to the shamanic realms, and the Akashic records. It is a stone of harmony that aids the birth of creativity and clear psychic vision. It will aid you to access higher spiritual energy and to make contact with guides, totem animals, the natural world, elementals and teachers from the higher realms. Because of it’s dual coloration, one is immediately  drawn to duality and all the metaphors we use to express the concept. And yet, its not a clear distinction of the two aspects. We see branching darkness making incursions into the light. This gives the impression that dualities can blend into either aspect; a conclusion exemplified by the Yin/Yang symbol. This suggests that Mystic Merlinite is an ideal integration stone that enables the user to reconcile all aspects of themselves, even those that are at odds with each other. It is a reminder that good people can sometimes do bad things and vice verse. Mystic Merlinite is a powerful balancing stone, encouraging equilibrium. It can aid with past life recall as use the knowledge to recognize one’s gifts and talents so they can be used for the greater god..

Mystic Merlinite can aid with soul retrieval, for both the retriever and the retrievee. It is a stone that stimulates deep intuition, psychic ‘knowing’ and spiritual medium-ship. In creating pathways, Mystic Merlinite provides for ease in communicating with non-corporeal entities. It encourages one to go deeper into other realms. Therefore it is an aid to astral projection, transcendental meditation and vision questing. It also provides protection for those engaging in the activities. Sleeping with Mystic Merlinite can bring forth a parade of potent dreams. It aids in dream recall and summons guides for these deep dream experiences as well as facilitates one’s ability for lucid dreaming. Just as it opens the doors of the dream world, Mystic Merlinite can help one explore the subconscious. It can recover lost or suppressed memories. It can bring all of one’s inner Shadows to light. These inner Shadows must be embrace along A mystical experience can be the sudden realization of what one truly is. Mystic Merlinite’s most important quality is the expansion of self awareness to the critical point where this realization can occur. As it increases one’s consciousness in both the Light and Shadow, it can precipitate a sudden mystical, transformational awakening Mystic Merlinite can help one to remain open and approachable, even if one has  suffered from bad experiences in the past. It promotes  Better contact with our environment and  with our fellow human beings. It can also  enhance one’s organizational abilities. Mystic Merlinite  has been used in the treatment  of skeletal disorders as well as the veins and arteries.  It promotes physical  growth and  acilitates the flow of blood throughout the body.  It is a physical cleansing mineral and one which can enhance lymph  flow and excretion. It can also help with the effects of colds as well as smoking.