By Mark “The Man” Casazza

Stone Magic

Covelite is an unusual, beautiful, metallic blue with some black and white throughout the stone. It can be very helpful to the healer as a tool for purifying the body of radiation after radiation therapy, or after being exposed to other forms of radiation. This stone can be used in the treatment of bone cancer and is very important in helping to repair and heal broken bones. Placement of Covelite on the back, breastbone, or any other area where calcium build-up can occur, will break down the calcium deposit and help the body discard it. Covelite makes for very powerful magic. Use it in your white magic ceremonies to facilitate the action of your rituals and to shield yourself from the effects of spells or  black magic sent your way. Covelite will also help you shape-shift into anyone or anything you care to be. Covelite will harmonize the body, mind and soul. Use the Covelite meditation and allow yourself to know your spirit. It will stimulate your third eye and can develop or enhance your psychic powers. If you are into re-birthing, this stone can help you in this process along with helpingyou achieve your goals. We’ve just gotten in a few choice pieces of this magnificent, magical stone, so come in a check it out.


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