By Mark “The Man” Casazza

Stone Magic

Apophyllite has become one of my favorite gemstones. It has made my meditations easier to reach and my travels the best they have ever been. I recently received a box of approximately sixty sparkling Apophyllite pyramids from a friend. I intuitively began placing them in circles in groups of five. The energy from these little vortexes was stunning. I put my hand over one group and it felt like a thousand pyramids. I knew I had to use them in a grid and couldn’t wait to play. This stone is used for astral travel assist provides an anchor to the physical body while the spirit explores. Accessed knowledge during your travels will remain imprinted on your consciousness allowing for easy recall. For the same reason you could carry this stone during a vision quest. As a meditation tool, Apophyllite will open or stimulate the third eye when the base of the crystal is placed on the forehead. Apophyllite opens the pathways for guides, angels, fairies and allows easy access to channeling. Apophyllite attracts joy, keeping your heart light and open. You’ll see life with a bright, new perspective and gain trust in your ability to do what is best for you. You will learn to recognize the perfect truths in all things; to better see the imbalances in your life and how to correct them. Apophyllite is not one of the main healing stones, although using it with Labradorite in a moon-water elixir can be used as a pain reliever and can help generate new energy as well as give relief to stress and trauma. It helps in “letting go” of issues that no longer serve and allows for the act of forgiving and healing. Apophyllite will balance your emotions with loving energy and can enhance your spiritual growth. It will also remove physical and emotional toxins from the body and aids in the recovery from illness with the help of other healing stones by creating a healing environment. Apophyllite contains Akashic records; the esoteric records of all that has and will occur, including past lives. This tone calms and grounds the spirit and has a strong link to the spiritual realms. It facilitates out of body journeys. Apophyllite can assist with Reiki Ryoho by taking the client into a deeper state of relaxation and receptiveness and moves the healer out of the way. Apophyllite works on the respiratory system by neutralizing allergies and promoting the regeneration of the mucus membranes. It can also help rejuvenate the skin. Apophyllite vibrates at a very high level. It brings light and energy into you and your environment. Unwanted things like cords and implants often dissolve in the intense light of this stone. Apophyllite is one of the strongest crystals to help you connect to your higher-self. It is also used to stimulate the heart chakra and provide a better view for decisions of the heart. Magically, Apophyllite helps develop a relationship with your spirit guide, totem animal or any other magical beings you would like to work with, especially with angelic entities.


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